Link Roundup #2 (and a German preposition tip)

The flat upstairs has been rented or sold to someone new, and renovation work will be going on for a month. Since Monday I have woken up to 100-decibel jackhammer noise from 9am till 5pm (hour-long break for lunch) and this will be going on for at least a week, if not longer. It is positively impossible to get anything done at home and I might resort to haunting a coffee shop tomorrow. I feel bad for the contractors too.



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So simple, yet so constantly confusing! Emphasis mine:

man sagt “an der Uni“, wenn man von der Universität als Instituion spricht, also “ich studiere an der Uni/an der Fachhochschule”, etc. Man würde hier nicht sagen “ich studiere in der Uni”. Aber den Mann hast Du IN der Uni gesehen, also in dem Universitätsgebäude.