In which I try to anticipate some questions you might have upon visiting the blog! (If you have a question that isn’t covered here, just leave a comment or drop me an email.

What’s that beautiful painting in the header?

The painting in the header is J.M.W. Turner’s Dort, the Dort Packet Boat from Rotterdam Bacalmed (c. 1818), an absolutely magnificent piece that should be viewed in all its north-lit glory at the Yale Center for British Art should you ever get the chance to visit.

Why do you use “egalitarianism” as a category name instead of “feminism”? Are you one of those “women against feminism”?

No – on the contrary, I’ve gotten into prolonged internet debates about how silly and disappointing I find the “women against feminism” trend to be.

In my definition, egalitarianism is a superset of feminism. It is about more than gender-based equality, although that is naturally a big concern of mine, as a woman planning to go into a heavily male-dominated industry.

I do think the word “feminism” has a big PR problem. I also personally find it a little dated and mildly exclusionary. I choose to use the alternative term so that I don’t immediately turn off the people who think poorly of “feminism” (despite perhaps believing in the same ideals) – and hopefully that way I’ll be able to reach more people and spread messages I think are important.

Vim or emacs?

Vim, I never really got used to the Ctrl-? thing in emacs. But I like Sublime a lot too.


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