Resources for learning German

Welcome to my master list of German language learning and German-language resources. This list also includes links to thematic native German material that falls within my interests (which hopefully overlap somewhat with your interests): technology, art, etc.

News and “News”

  • is a tabloid with relatively simple vocabulary. Trashy material, easy headlines.
  • My current favorite is, which is sort of like a German BuzzFeed, a collaboration with the more serious ZEIT ONLINE/DIE ZEIT.

Video Channels

  • Einfach Geschichte contains short engaging videos on historical topics. The presents speak very quickly, so it can be difficult to keep up, but all their content is mirrored in English at the channel “It’s History”.
  • E-Cafe has talkshow videos on current topics in Germany.
  • DW (Deutsch) – of course Deutsche Welle is on YouTube. Well-produced general interest videos with reasonable narration speeds. In particular their Euromaxx videos are short and great fun for a travel enthusiast.


The entire DW library of podcasts is good. Particularly useful for me at A2/B1 level is the daily slowly-read news broadcast.

  • Deutsche Welle Audiotrainer – topical vocabulary for A1-A2; I find these very inefficient but they are good for listening to while doing chores etc.

Blogs about German

  • German is easy – eccentric but very practical (and amusing) blog posts with thorough explanations of German weirdness. Highly recommend.

Dictionaries and Reference

  • – dictionary which provides useful conjugation tables
  • – dictionary which provides better language use context, but
  • – authoritative all-German dictionary.
  •– translations in context.


  • Deutsche Welle placement test – gives you an approximate CEFR (Common European Language Framework) rating to start with.
  • DIALANG – comprehensive placement test for 14 European languages that gives you an approximate CEFR rating at the end.