Link Roundup #2 (and a German preposition tip)

The flat upstairs has been rented or sold to someone new, and renovation work will be going on for a month. Since Monday I have woken up to 100-decibel jackhammer noise from 9am till 5pm (hour-long break for lunch) and this will be going on for at least a week, if not longer. It is positively impossible to get anything done at home and I might resort to haunting a coffee shop tomorrow. I feel bad for the contractors too.



Tech support

  • Looking forward to seeing more articles on this site.


So simple, yet so constantly confusing! Emphasis mine:

man sagt “an der Uni“, wenn man von der Universität als Instituion spricht, also “ich studiere an der Uni/an der Fachhochschule”, etc. Man würde hier nicht sagen “ich studiere in der Uni”. Aber den Mann hast Du IN der Uni gesehen, also in dem Universitätsgebäude.



Link Roundup #1

It’s the day before my birthday, and I’m taking a break from an afternoon of working in a coffee shop with my (Windows, at least) laptop before me like the hipster I thought I would never be. First time for everything, I suppose, including a new feature (?) on this blog – link roundups.

Back when I read blogs more religiously than I do now, I used to follow a few that would regularly post collections of interesting links, helping alleviate the eternal problem of the internet: separating the wheat from the chaff.

I don’t post on a schedule (yet!) over here, so this isn’t going to be a “Weekly Link Roundup” or anything – just “Link Roundup #42”. The minimum number of links I need to collect before posting is five. No news/current events unless it’s particularly interesting, because there’s lots of that already. I’ll try to categorize them somewhat if there are a lot of links. Here we go!

Design and User Experience


  • Beej’s Guide to Network Programming – apparently good. Haven’t read yet. A “little how-to guide on network programming using Internet sockets, or ‘sockets programming’, for those of you who prefer it.”


  • – some neat ways of adding further subtlety to blog posts/essays and representing the interconnected nature of knowledge; I’m definitely borrowing ideas from this in the future.
  • A Brief Guide to Pipe Organs – I sneakily watched an organist rehearse the Bach Fantasia et Fuga in one of the campus chapels a few weeks ago. It caused me to decide to start playing baroque and classical piano again, and made me message a friend with “listening to organ always makes me feel like if one could hear god this is the closest thing to it”, the most unabashedly spiritual comment this spiritual atheist.
  • Here’s the Bach piece: