Bookmark management

Trying out the Post Formats in WordPress – this is an Aside, for short snippets that don’t really need a title. Or something. No one really knows what they are: try searching for “wordpress asides” to see what I mean.

My ideal way of building curated repositories of links would be through a place like delicious; however that never quite managed to take off (high barriers to entry, ease of use was always somewhat lacking. I used it the most between 2007 and 2009; since then I’ve tried a few times every year to go back, but the idea of having to properly retag my old bookmarks is daunting; the bookmarking process is still a bit too slow and clunky, and (to me) it is harder to access your bookmarks than to create them. I’ve since amassed a huge library of browser bookmarks, an uncategorized mess that I rarely wade into anyway.

I do think that if a big effort were made to reintroduce it today, it might really get somewhere, because we’re now so completely used to #tagging #everything and the idea of #socialmedia – something that the web in 2005-2010 wasn’t quite ready for yet.

I think the hypervisual bookmarking trend (see: Stars/Chrome Bookmark Manager) is a little silly. On Pinterest it works because I don’t think the site is a social bookmarking service, no matter what it and tech journos like to call it: it’s a social mood board site. Otherwise for users with thousands of bookmarks – who imo are most likely to desperately need bookmark managers – it’s a waste of space. Screen real estate is precious.

That the bookmark management problem is still exists is clear, at least.


I miss moving

In other news, last night I learned from my fellow sci-fi/fantasy club member Emily how to do a safety vault, a very basic parkour move. It was really fun!

I put aikido on hold shortly after the start of this semester because I was overloading myself and saying yes to too many things, but I miss doing a skill-based physical activity, and last night really reminded me of that. I reassigned this month’s gear budget to a donation to Medicins Sans Frontieres (click here to donate), but since I’m spending half of December back home, I may use part of next month’s food budget on getting a mat for my dorm room so that I can at least practice rolling and falling, and not black out within ten minutes of resuming training. Rolls mysteriously got a lot harder on my body earlier this year, and right now I can’t even do one from kneeling without getting dizzy and having the ol’ orthostatic hypotension kick in.